fredag 9 juli 2010

My old shool 1966

I remember the school of 60 century
Early in the morning outside a locked klassrumm we stood and waited for Miss Margot after the bell had been called in,
I am 7 years old the year is 1966 and this is First grade elementery scool.,

We always began with the morning assembly when the miss Margot sat at her organ, which stood in the corner, (Every classrumm each had its own organ ,in light birch tree.)
and all teachers new how to play by notes
It was a nice quiet morning assembly, and at Christmas we usually lit small candles and ms Margot playd Christmas songs on here organ, the organ that no one else could touch.
holy and other hymns were played, and sometimes she tore of the modern "my puppy" by Gullan Bornemark.
Matts in Class 2 1967

Listen to Psalm 176, You clear the sun goes up again.
Click on the arrow and listen

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