lördag 4 maj 2013

Welcome to my world


I live here, in the middle of Sweden This is my Country  and I love it
Its nice when you can  work in the same town you live in,

We have a super nice ICA store where you can by food and
a small flower shop

On the Preem GasStation you can also buy milk (though it is
 slightly more expensive)

Its almost the same distant to Gävle as it is to Uppsala from
 where  i live About 5 -6 mil from my home.

 I can take the train to Stockholm, where the Swedish King
Takes an hour from Tierp.

My home

This is where you find me

My name is Matts and those who know me usually speak well of me.
What I like about myself is my humble way, my artist's eye and my kind heart.
I cook mostly good food, and play a lot Vinyl records on my old black JVC stereo from the 90's.
(Would need new speakers though)

I like living in a small town like Månkarbo , I have  tried several different places  but this is my kind of town.
Between  Uppsala och  Tierp  


Månkarbo is a locality situated in Tierp Municipality, Uppsala County Sweden with 666 inhabitants in 2010.
This is it
Best burger in Town !,the only burger in Town

Do you see me ?

Hi some Coffee ?


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  1. Så fint, är det du som har målat?:)

  2. nej färdiga mallar, viket vår väder vi börjar få


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