onsdag 7 april 2010

Light and just right

At 1990 as it became popular with the fitness of my job in military deffence
we would all be sent to doctors and dieticians.
and special money we was offerd to do any activity for
and during working hours, top
What a great privilege, what an excellent idea.

Now there's my turn to visit the dietician, a lordosis thin woman who looked through me and my papers from the doctor, mapped and tagged me out a plan.

Great until we came up with my diet-food and how to fix it.

"Collision Course"
She wanted me to go completely over to the "light products, and light margarines etc.

I wanted to have a say in that... light-and sweetening agents does not taste good and I do not think it is good either.
And in trans fats light margarine, where you can not even cook with it. I do not think of.
she was really irritated, she said that-there is no idea that we'll not met again, not before I changed attitude. i was not welcome.

IG method and Sugar Rush and other "fashion trends " Sugar-rush there was nothin when I was little, I dident feel significantly more alert after nibbling at me sugar bits from the piece of the sugar package,,,, now the parents dosent dare just give a bun to the children in the risking that they will become overdosed

Now there's so much sugar in everything! it is ... Are you on Sugar addiction??? now you should read label again, carefully.

Try"Cooking" at home instead !so you get full control of the sugar in the food and soft drinks only in the weekend.thats a good tipp

IG is a trend "slow carbs". blood sugar,,,
I am overweight! I know! And hear it every time I want to says something in the conversation on Food and Dieting trends. "3 Kg In 11 Days Lose Weight GI
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-You should say somthing you are overweight!!

But weight loss supplement health trend and order the new findings published in the same Fashion Magazine
Become healthier and slimmer with this method!
As the dietician said sway-backed thin to me.
-Do not come back here before you changed youre attitude!

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