lördag 3 april 2010

the mystery in Enelund part 1-2 and 3

Mystery in ENELUND

A mysterious film about people who go up in smoke,
Or, as the investigative reporter in the film says

-I do not understand this! all goes up in smoke there is something mysterious is happening in Enelund

Part 1 of the mystery of ENELUND we dress ourselves out to the police and we get worried phone call by neighbors who wonder what has happened, why there are policemen here

In the final scene Part 3 climbs reporter (played by Matt J) up on the roof and yells

"I will survive I do not go up in smoke!

When oure neighbor on a bike pases behind the camera and confused by what is happening on the roof, the bikes craches into the ditch and he disappear! so sad it was out of the camera

He came to grips but
We never agreed to be good neighbors after that.

Recorded a summer 1999 Almunge Enelund role in the film
Matts Jansson
Jeanette Carlsson
January Widell
Robert Carlsson
Drivers-Rune Eriksson
Part 2 The Mystery ENELUND

Part 3 of Mystery in ENELUND Just this summer it was a real dry season aheat wave for a long time so it was firewarnings outside, we almost started a forest fire with our smoke, it was really sweaty for a while

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