tisdag 20 juli 2010


I bought a cream in America, for the toothache, ORAJEL . a small tube of bright yellow paste
it would smear a bit of a toothache on the gums and around teeth,

toothache was gone right away, I was so careful about this tube that you could buy without a prescription in any supermarket that had a "drugstore"

Remember how one of my friend drove for miles in middle of the night to get relief from my tube.
watch out if you got a drop on your tongue! you could barely talk, it felt as if you have been stunned by a strong dental syringe and the effect was about one hour relief.
have tried to get hold of this wonderful pasta for toothache relief, but no dentist here in Sweden know what I'm talking about???

A tube that would be good to have in my medicine cabinet for a temporary relief when you do not know where to go. Activ ingredient Benzocaine 20%

What is Benzocaine?
Benzocaine (ethyl-4-aminobenzoate) or that it is spelled in Swedish, Benzocaine, is an aromatic compound with both local anesthetic and antibacterial properties. In Sweden as the active ingredient in the tablet Bafucin neck that can be purchased without a prescription at pharmacies, but in America it is used primarily in various ointments and gels. Acetyl group is hydrolyzed rapidly in aqueous solution with acetate and aminobenzoate formed. Because of the rapid decomposition benzocaine is appropriate when you are looking for a local effect and do not want the matter to be absorbed by the body.

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