lördag 27 november 2010

My christmas promise

Christmas music in my kitchen

Now it's Christmas preparations  at my home, Curtains and stars  decoreating is in progress, Cleaning up all the  rooms a bit, now i can FINALLY  litsen to some Christmas music  "Christmas Christmas radiant Christmas" santa clouse is coming to town,,, two of my favorite x mas songs.

It's Christmas preparations thats makes Christmas cheerfull and cozy, in this dark month of December 

Some light  candles because its dark , Some  because it's cozy, you decide.

Make Christmas your way, and keep  it simple

This year I'll give my loved ones a Christmas present.
 I can not buy that jacket Nette wants and  the Play Station 3 with games that Melissa wants,  not  this year, we do not have that money.

But I'll give them a sober Matts for Christmas.

Think about it when you're out running around and purchase Christmas gifts, I never drink at Christmas.
A gift you can give is a peaceful Christmas without alcohol. both to yourself and youre  loved ones.

Is what  I write provocative?
Ask the children what they think?

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  1. Häpp ! Nu går den stora datorn igen! Ha en god helg nu !

  2. Trevlig Advent !


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